Why Imprint? Well, it’s a word with myriad meanings, which is kind of the perfect way to house both Coaching and Content Consultancy under one roof. This site follows a blog first model, talking fitness, travel, health and lifestyle, and you can also navigate to the Services offered to book a consultation.

The significance of the word takes inspiration from the following definitions:

Meaningful Content

Content that aims to leave a lasting mark, as an imprint would. The aim of the Content Consultancy is to build a meaningful and impactful content strategy, and consistent tone of voice through content marketing and editorial features.

Publishing Roots

In the world of Publishing, an imprint signifies a subsidiary brand, which gains its own identity from the style of content published, words we identify with on some level. Identity is an important point to focus on, as building a brand is about creating and enforcing an identity and a holistic brand narrative.

Health & Fitness

The imprint in STOTT Pilates is a subtle movement, or ‘tool’ to provide more abdominal support in order to maintain a safe and stable position with the body during movement. It is used as a stepping stone to build one’s strength, which is relevant here in building a path towards a stronger brand and a more stable and successful business model. It also ties in perfectly with the Fitness Coaching dimension of the business, which offers Pilates workshops, personal training and a corporate wellness dimension.

So three very different meanings and one very simple word, lending itself nicely to a business that’s essentially a mish mash of a passion for words and a love of sport.

Features by: Sarah Zakzouk / @well.red